Lehigh Valley Workshops

Lehigh Valley Hydroponics will be offering yearly workshops for on indoor gardening. Whether you are a novice or seasoned indoor gardener, our workshops will provide you with valuable information, knowledge and insight to new products.


Saturday, March 4, 2017 4pm - Cloning and Propagation  (Cost of workshop/seminar - FREE)


We are also working on new workshops...
Topics we are looking to cover are

Gardening 101 - covering all aspects of gardening basics

Gardening 102 - adding to the basics with faster and slightly more advanced methods

Gardening 103 - making your grow space easier and more streamlined with expert techniques


Send us an email at lvhydro@live.com or message us on one of our social media pages if you would like to be added to our workshop email notification list.

Do you have a gardening topic you would like to learn more about?  Contact us and we will do our best to schedule that topic soon.


Dates/times will be posted when as classes are scheduled.


Past Workshop Topics:
15 Myths of Gardening
Cloning and Propagation
Ventilation and CO2







7576 Beth-Bath Pike, Bath, PA 18104

Phone: 610.837.7500

Email: lvhydro@live.com ~ Web: www.lvhydro.com




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